pyogrio - Vectorized spatial vector file format I/O using GDAL/OGR

Pyogrio provides a GeoPandas-oriented API to OGR vector data sources, such as ESRI Shapefile, GeoPackage, and GeoJSON. Vector data sources have geometries, such as points, lines, or polygons, and associated records with potentially many columns worth of data.

Pyogrio uses a vectorized approach for reading and writing GeoDataFrames to and from OGR vector data sources in order to give you faster interoperability. It uses pre-compiled bindings for GDAL/OGR so that the performance is primarily limited by the underlying I/O speed of data source drivers in GDAL/OGR rather than multiple steps of converting to and from Python data types within Python.

We have seen >5-10x speedups reading files and >5-20x speedups writing files compared to using non-vectorized approaches (Fiona and current I/O support in GeoPandas).

You can read these data sources into GeoDataFrames, read just the non-geometry columns into Pandas DataFrames, or even read non-spatial data sources that exist alongside vector data sources, such as tables in a ESRI File Geodatabase, or antiquated DBF files.

Pyogrio also enables you to write GeoDataFrames to at least a few different OGR vector data source formats.


Pyogrio is still at an early version and the API is subject to substantial change.